Ayurvedic Herbs and Powders 101

Let me start by saying, I love Ayuvedic herbs and powders for my kinky hair these herbs/powders repair, thicken, strengthen and condition my hair.

Ayurveda means “the knowledge for long life” while Ayurvedic is the term used to describe a Hindu system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative Medicine.

Ayurveda addresses the well-being of the entire person (physical, psychological and spiritual) in an approach to health & healing that is as relevant to the modern world as it was to the ancient world from which it emerged. Herbs and minerals, nutrition and purification, affirmative ways of living are a few of the ways in which Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person, emphasizing prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure.

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How To Clear Blocked Sinus by Neti Pot Device?

To rid of the severity of sinus blockage, there are many solutions available. It is not that complex situation, in fact, it is estimated that over 15 million people suffer from sinusitis yearly only in the Australia. The small tissues just after our facial skin sometimes impose hefty struggle while inhaling. It can be demonstrated with a single word “irritating”. In this article, we will discuss how to clear blocked sinus and why we should buy neti pot for that reason.

The symptoms of sinus infection vary greatly among individuals. When the cavities around nasal passages stocked with unrequired/extra mucus and evolve painful nasal obstructions. So before your common cold turns into acute sinusitis and you feel incapacitated headaches, make sure you consult with a professional doctor.

How To Clear Blocked Sinus?

how to clear blocked sinus

It is not that hard to prevent it in the initial phase. Utilizing counter medicines is obvious and applying nasal saline sprays is another option. We never like stuffed nose and short of oxygen due to numb nostrils. The best answer of how to clear blocked sinus can be using salt water to wash out the nasal passages. When the inflammation becomes severe it is essential to use specialized treatments. It is because our facial bones are so facile and can’t bear steady medication. So it is better to take advice from expert practitioner who is well aware of ENT problems.

The dried nasal membranes are clear sign that it is due to flue, infections or allergens. A balanced escape from polluted environment can regulate and maintain the body energies. Symptoms of sinus infection may spread over time and affect other parts of our body. The underlying diseases of respiratory system can be unveiled after an x-ray checkup and inspection of a doctor. You can treat the chronic form of nasal congestion by simply adopting drainage strategies and taking antibiotic.

Use of Neti Pot

You can buy neti pot device from any Ayurveda shop or from a respective chemist. This is a nasal rinsing tool used to cleaning nasal congestion. It is a hygienic practice that can refer to nasal irrigation.  You can simply put some lukewarm saltwater in the device, tilt your head, and perform the practice at your own residence. Do the practice 3-4 per week until you feel relax and comfortable.

Hope this article helps you in acknowledging how to clear blocked sinus. To buy neti pot contacts an Ayurveda expert firstly because they are aware of every aspect of this procedure. It will help in getting quick relief as well.

How To Prevent And Treat Asthma By Identifying Its Signs?

This can be worse experience for you realizing that one of your family members is suffering from asthma. How to prevent asthma is the main concern here. There are many asthma triggers that one should avoid in order to get rid of from this miserable condition. The signs of asthma can be sometime very clear to identify but as the disease is of slow tendency, one hardy recognize it.

In medical terms, asthma is the condition when your air passages blocked by mucus or other allergens. It directly hurts your lungs and affects the breathing ability. There can be other outcomes, most of which has described below. How to treat asthma systematically is based on how well you understand it.

About Asthma

There can be six types of asthma but most commonly people become victim of either these three – Allergic, Non-allergic (intrinsic), and occupational asthma. The properties are varying for all three that contributes to it. For example it can be oily food, allergens, infections, smoking, pollution, industrial gases, dust etc. There are suggestions you may follow to escape from them.

Signs of Asthma

Asthmatics often realize signs of asthma like frequent coughing but they don’t consider that as serious issue. It is inflammatory condition which affects to your respiratory system. Your airways start narrowing and you experiencing tightening in chest. It can change overtime into serious asthma attacks that are really hard to cope with. A professional doctor may help you in how to prevent asthma clearly without going in wrong direction.

To control the signs of asthma it is necessary to go through a planned procedure. You can embrace an active management plan prescribed by a physician after measuring your condition. The symptoms are not always apparent, but mostly they impact your physical activities and breathing.

How to Prevent Asthma?

How To Prevent And Treat Asthma By Identifying Its Signs?

The prevention process is based on your daily routine and type of difficulties you are facing off. After tracking the signs an expert practitioner can give you some simple suggestions like stay away from contaminated environment, take pure water, never avoid coughing, and don’t take intoxicants etc. The patients who are already suffering from this ailment can tell you broadly about how to prevent asthma.

Most commonly they will recommend you to cover your mouth and nose while visiting the market or going out for walking. Some other may advise you for regular lab tests of your phlegm for a clear picture of which stage you’re going through. It might be a life-long disease if an individual fails to find ways of how to treat asthma.

How to Treat Asthma?

Without hiding the fact I must reveal that there is single solution of how to treat asthma and it is inhalers. Yes, there are asthma-steroids and other expensive therapies which may aid you differently but at the end you will have to handle inhalers.

There are natural remedies helps in how to treat asthma condition. It works perfectly without aggravating any symptoms. Garlic and honey are considered better solution for short-term rest and long-term cure. They both are effective and contain important vitamins and anti-asthmatic ingredients.

Safety should be your priority and it depends on which combination of plans you are observing and which local physician you met to minimize your discomfort. They are always responsible works according to your needs and helps in how to prevent asthma in better way. So make sure you contact a qualified doctor.

What Asthma Medications Works Best For Asthma Management?

In a condition when we experience difficulties in inhaling and exhaling process of our respiratory system is what we consider as asthma. It is an inflammatory disease that directly affects the asthmatic airways and tissues which are responsible for smooth breathing. It can be described as infection as well because it hurts to our lungs in very slow form. Almost one in fifteen youngsters in America are struggling with this disease and finding the best ways for asthma management.

Doctors reckon it incurable situation when it becomes acute and worse. Their beliefs are true but for only on severe parameters. The asthma medications usually consist of common inhalers. This device is widely used by most of the population battling with asthmatics. Before undergoing any cure procedure it is vital to know about asthma signs and symptoms.

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What Are Asthma Signs And Symptoms?

To know the clear asthma signs it mostly required to take x-rays and imaging. In a lab test, the practitioner can demonstrate the clear picture and stage of your condition. There can be two types of asthma – allergic and non-allergic. The first one occurs due to external effects such as pollutants, allergens, mold, and infections.  The later one happens due to your bad habits and routine. When you consume direct asthma triggers e.g. cigarette or alcohol, it prompts inflammation to your bronchial tubes.

The earliest asthma signs and symptoms are frequent coughing and pain in chest. It is because of extra mucus that jammed into air passages. There may be different problems and symptoms changes according to individual but the asthma management consist almost same suggestions and therapies.

What is Asthma Management?

This complex chronic condition has most number of victims today around the world due to increasing pollution in our environment. Most of the diseases associated with lungs are because of this self-created monster. Asthma management has become too difficult for doctors as they are not always available with patient. The condition of asthma attack is what we call an emergency that can be prevented with inhalers, nebulizers or bronchodilators. A professional physician can plan an asthma management schedule which you can include in your daily routine.

Asthma Medications

Depends on your symptoms, asthma medications may vary for you. After proper monitoring and diagnosing process by a certified doctor, you can go with the prescriptions he/she decide for you. It is a progressive infection; hence, you may not find any solution apart from common inhaling steroids.

You can take control over these asthma signs and symptoms by endorsing the asthma management plans. Stay away from activities that puts pressure on your lungs until your health improves. Don’t participate in events such as cricket game or party as you may feel lack of oxygen there. Take immediate actions if any of the signs you have noticed recently, maybe an appointment with allergist.

What are Asthma Attack and Its Symptoms?

Our respiratory system has a number of airways responsible for inhaling the oxygen organs and exhaling the carbon dioxide. When the respiratory tract and airways clogged by mucus and become inflamed, an individual feels Asthma Attack and struggle to breathe.

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Asthma attack symptoms may vary depends on each individual. Initially, a person can’t attach breathing problem with asthma and it is critical to understand it. The immune system also responds to this condition negatively. So whenever you realize that your lungs are blocked due to extra production of mucus and lacking the ability to breathe, you might visit a doctor and follow the professional plans.

Asthma Attack

Asthma Attack can be the worse emergency condition in which you hardly find yourself breathes noisily. The air tubes and bronchioles start squeezing. There can different factors causing this to you like living in a polluted environment, ignoring the coughing for a long time and smoking. It generally exposes when you get in touch with cold air and pollutants. These asthma triggers affect your whole body and decrease the brain cells.

Asthma Attack Symptoms

Before a major asthma attack, one might notice minor signs. You may feel irritation in inhaling, nose obstruction, thirst, anxiety and increased urge of urinating. These are the asthma attack symptoms to know –

  • The common asthmatic sign is shortness of breath.
  • The chest muscles become tightening which is a painful situation.
  • Physical exertion.
  • Sinusitis or sinus infection.
  • Constant wheezing and sudden snoring.

This breathing disorder hurts more when you’re tensed. It occurs when you hear or face something bad about your beloved thing. If it left untreated and neglected for too long it can become a lifelong distress and can lead to severe chronic asthma.

Asthma Management

An asthma attack is a complex medical situation that shifts with every next patient. The doctor has to take various tests at times to diagnose the exact condition. Some people use reliever or puffer and some need regular nebulization. The asthma management leans on your daily routine to an extent. What you eat and what you drink matters most in this respiratory disease.

The medication involves various treatments that only a qualified pulmonologist can describe in detail. It is clear that after using normal rescue inhalers it can prevent the attack for some time. An experienced practitioner can assist you in how to avoid asthma attack and can create the right roadmap to control it.

What are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Symptoms of arthritis have become a common problem for most of the people. The severe joint pain and inflammation are not the worst outcomes of it but arthritis is more than that. It is a rheumatic condition where you feel uncommon joint pain, redness in connecting tissues, decreased bone density and it also affects muscles.

What are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Experts reckon that there are more than 100 forms of this disease but these two Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are among common chronic conditions.

Osteoarthritis symptoms don’t seem to be dangerous in initial phase but you may have provoking experiences at the later stages. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can figure out easily because they attack joint points like fingers, knees, and elbows.


Osteoarthritis is the most talk-about and furious condition that directly damages flexible tissues of our body. It causes bone erosion, cartilage destruction, stiffness and sudden cramps. The factors that contribute in developing this miserable disease can be your working schedules, lack of exercise and other exterior infections.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms

This is a major drawback of office working that we always stick with a chair and all the weight-bearing parts of our body like hips and backbone disturbed all the day. These osteoarthritis symptoms may arise due to this intense routine.

  • Progressive soreness
  • Difficulty in moving
  • Bone Spurs
  • Swelling fingers

The best treatment to lower the effectiveness of osteoarthritis symptoms is to do properly instructed meditation and Yoga. The may observe painkillers and other allopathic therapies but the fact is you can reduce the problem by rescheduling the routines. It can be hard to afford expensive surgery, the merely possible thing but your strong approach can defeat this acute ailment.


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is another dangerous disorder to cope with. In this disease, your immune system starts working negatively and it starts welcoming other virus and infections. It is chronic inflammatory disorder causes pain in lining points e.g. fingers, toes, and ankles. The most common thing you may notice after the blood test and diagnosing is the increased levels of Uric Acid. These might be the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

  • Tenderness and redness at joints
  • Stiffness, fatigue
  • Lost immune energy
  • Swelling
  • Late healing of injuries

Unlike osteoarthritis symptoms, the RA signs can be cured through available drugs and medications. The ideal way to remove this is to contact an ayurvedic doctor who can consult you for body therapies and ayurvedic treatment of arthritis.

Try improving your daily activities and able to attend regular exercise and dietary as prescribed by your physician. To relieve the pain it is essential to know about symptoms of arthritis. Make sure in severe conditions, you should always prefer the expert advice rather than Google advice.

What Are Arthritis Symptoms and its Ayurvedic Treatment?

Arthritis is an extremely painful condition of joints and bones. It causes inflammation and swelling legs. A patient of arthritis sometimes feels disabled to do anything and it affects the daily activities. All the connecting tissues and hormones that contribute to resist diseases and defend infections become weak. There are arthritis symptoms and Ayurvedic arthritis treatments that can help one in understanding and eliminating it.

What is Arthritis?


Arthritis is a chronic disease associated with one or more joints of our body. It can be a reason for a well-aged person’s disability. However, it is not only common with elderly, surprisingly more than 3 lakh child is the victim of this disorder (In US).

There are more than 100 types of arthritis but only two are very common – osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). There are different arthritis symptoms related to different types of arthritis.

Arthritis Symptoms

When your painful joints start interfering in doing basic tasks like walking, driving, and cooking, it is the time to consult a good rheumatologist or Ayurvedic practitioner. The stiffing neck and weighty knees are the primary symptoms of arthritis.

Sometimes your lifestyle contributes and invites many ailments. Being physically fit is really necessary to avoid arthritis symptoms. The later conditions are really awful and you may even start experiencing difficulty in doing basic chores and decreasing mental strength.

Arthritis Treatment

In Ayurveda, the concept of body balancing and ability revolves around three elements or energies or Doshas – Kapha, Pitta, and Vata Doshas. The Vata dosha is responsible for movement, dry and cold properties of the human body. Ayurveda is an ideal arthritis treatment in peak conditions. There are allopathic treatments also available but diseases like gout and rheumatoid tend to be progressive and can lead a person to permanent inability. Thus, ayurvedic arthritis treatment is an adequate solution for diagnosing the diseased.

To deal with arthritis symptoms, Ayurveda offers different arthritis treatments and therapies to remove its roots –

  • Ayurvedic Diet
  • Ayurvedic Herbs and Food
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Pancharkarma Therapy
  • Meditation and Yoga

Identifying and stabilizing the arthritis symptoms in the initial stage is vital. If you lose the track in the beginning, it would be hard for any doctor to treat it that effectively. So make sure you visit a suitable ayurvedic center near you to be more comfortable.

Overcome Sinusitis Symptoms with the Help of Ayurveda

Sinusitis or sinus infection is a terrible condition when the nasal bones filled or blocked by air, fluid or germs. It causes the infection, swollen nose, red cheeks and cavities near the nasal passages. You may experience different skin problem due to sinus, but one thing is common that it might be a source to painful and inflamed skin. So these are the symptoms of sinusitis and in this article we will learn about Ayurvedic approach to overcome sinus symptoms.

Curing Sinus Symptoms with Ayurveda

Overcome Sinusitis Symptoms with the Help of Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides most comprehensive approach to identify the symptoms of sinus infection and curing sinusitis effectively.

Some ayurvedic practitioner refers it as Pinas, which can affect any person of any age. Most commonly it is caused due to flue and cold season. Ayurveda believes in three major Doshas (energies) that kept our health and efficiency at optimal level – Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water).

The disruption of Vata and Kapha energies are responsible for sinus for an extent. If the vata imbalances, it may prone dry skin due to dry atmosphere. Shleshaka kapha is what controls moisture of our skin. Finding lack of harmony in kapha may lead to sinus disease.

These are the ways to clear blocked sinus.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurveda offers wide range of ayurvedic remedies to heal sinus. According to ayurvedic doctors, two people are not always same when it comes to ayurvedic body type. It means there can be tailored ayurvedic herbs and therapies for each individual.

Ayurvedic home remedies like taking regular water, tea and fruit juices to keep your body hydrated and provide relief from irritants. Good use of slices and vegetables is what we call an ayurvedic diet plan. Adding ginger, tulsi leaves, and garlic in your eatery can act like anti-inflammatory drug and enhance immune system.

Ayurvedic Massage

The Nasya treatment is a Panchakarma process which is effective for sinus symptoms. At ayurvedic clinic, doctors use different type of essential oils for ayurvedic massage for cleansing and detoxification purposes. It keeps the body rejuvenated and promotes good digestion system. It helps in opening blocked nasal tissues.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Adopting the ayurvedic lifestyle may not only improve your daily routine but also balance the aggravated life elements – body, mind and spirit. Proper Yoga in morning, ayurvedic food at noon and taking ayurvedic nutrition in evening can regulate the doshas and defend your body from any infection and flue spontaneously.

Ayurvedic practitioner suggests staying away from polluted areas, proper sleep and being physically active can contribute to overcome sinusitis symptoms easily. It is recommended to visit an ayurvedic center to get better consultation and advice on ayurvedic healing procedures.